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FREE Audio Teachings 

Many teachings are kindly distibuted by the main Bodhicharya International website and can be found at

There are also a few teachings from Rinpoche and other visiting teachers below. These teachings are offered free of charge however, we would like to suggest that you may like to make a donation to Rinpoche's charity, Rigul Trust. This is a UK based Charity who support health care, education and poverty relief in Rigul, Tibet and other Himalayan communities. Thank you.

Ringu Tulku Rinpoche
  1. OVERCOMING OBSTACLES IN MEDITAION ( 1 file) - Talk given by Ringu Tulku at Bosham in June 2015

  2. DEVELOPING INTUITION, WISDOM & FAITH (1 file) - Talk given by Tenzin Peljor at Bosham in July 2014

  3. NATURE OF MIND ( 4 x files ) - Talk given by Ringu Tulku at Bosham in June 2013

Books From Bodhicharya Publications


Bodhicharya Publications was set up in order to publish Ringu Tulku’s teachings in written format. They publish two series at present: the Lazy Lama series and the Heart Wisdom series. 


The Lazy Lama books are A6 pocket-sized books. They aim to be widely accessible and light-hearted, while imparting a clear description of key Buddhist topics. 


The Heart Wisdom series are slightly larger, A5 format, and go into Ringu Tulku’s teachings in a little more depth. The teachings they include are pithy and simply-stated but at the same time profound, taking us right to the heart of Buddhist teaching. 


To order and read more please visit the Bodhicharya website below:


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