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Many teachings are kindly distibuted by the main Bodhicharya International website and can be found at http://bodhicharya.org/blog/category/teachings/



There are also a few teachings from Rinpoche and other visiting teachers below. These teachings are offered free of charge however, we would like to suggest that you may like to make a donation to Rinpoche's charity, Rigul Trust. This is a UK based Charity who support health care, education and poverty relief in Rigul, Tibet and other Himalayan communities. Thank you.  http://www.rigultrust.org

Books From Bodhicharya Publications


Bodhicharya Publications was set up in order to publish Ringu Tulku’s teachings in written format. They publish two series at present: the Lazy Lama series and the Heart Wisdom series. 


The Lazy Lama books are A6 pocket-sized books. They aim to be widely accessible and light-hearted, while imparting a clear description of key Buddhist topics. 


The Heart Wisdom series are slightly larger, A5 format, and go into Ringu Tulku’s teachings in a little more depth. The teachings they include are pithy and simply-stated but at the same time profound, taking us right to the heart of Buddhist teaching. 


To order and read more please visit the Bodhicharya website below:   bodhicharya.org/bookshop/


  1. OVERCOMING OBSTACLES IN MEDITAION ( 1 file) - Talk given by Ringu Tulku at Bosham in June 2015

  2. DEVELOPING INTUITION, WISDOM & FAITH (1 file) - Talk given by Tenzin Peljor at Bosham in July 2014

  3. NATURE OF MIND ( 4 x files ) - Talk given by Ringu Tulku at Bosham in June 2013

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