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A Buddhist Perspective On The Gospel Of Mary Magdalene

22nd JULY 2021

3.30PM BST

(This is a live event, however a recording will be available to view after). 


Ringu Tulku Rinpoche offers his reflections on this long lost little known Christian text, along with a Q&A session after. This session will explore the common themes that link this more mystical, feminine version of Christianity and Buddhist teachings. Themes like interdependence, craving and attachment.


Please make a donation to Rigul Trust, AND register for the event to receive your zoom invite. 

About This Event & The Gospel Of Mary

The recent rediscovery of the Gospel of Mary, having been lost to the world for fourteen centuries, feels like a terma treasure for our time. As a text attributed to a woman, and more focussed on direct personal experience than reliance on external hierarchies or rules,  it speaks to a 21st century Western spirituality more comfortably than it did to some of our forefathers.


Several of the themes covered will already be familiar to Buddhist practitioners. For example, the book includes an explanation of the interdependent and temporary nature of existence, recognition of which is shown as a step on the path to liberation from ignorance and attachment. It gives us an opportunity to explore parallels between this branch of the early Church and Buddhist teachings, and perhaps to reconnect with forgotten aspects of our Christian heritage. 

Rinpoche says: “You should explore Christianity and any other path but no need to choose one from the other. I feel that those who need to choose one and leave the other do not really understand the spiritual path at all. We should learn from them all and use them on ourselves. We should also learn not to be misguided by the negative side of any system and individual.”

If you wish to buy a copy of the Gospel Of Mary, we recommend the translation by Jean-Yves Leloup. It is available here and elsewhere.  FREE copies of the gospel are available online here and elsewhere.

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We put on this event at our expense so 100% of your donation will go to Rinpoche's charity, Rigul Trust.


This is a UK based Charity who support health care, education and poverty relief in Rigul, Tibet and other Himalayan communities. Thank you.


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Watch The Recording 


Can't join the live event? No problem.


Thanks to our kind friends at Bodhicharya Archive, you can just click here to watch the recording when you're free. Recording will be available later the same day. 

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