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Awaken The Heart By Opening The Mind

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BBG History
Our Teacher in 1998

BBG is a Tibetan Buddhist group which began meeting in Sussex in 1998. BBG's initial meetings were held at The Hayloft in Emsworth and Ringu Tulku gave his first teaching there in 1998, returning to the area every year since. In 1999 the fledgling group hosted an international Bodhicharya summer school in Chichester which established its reputation for friendly and open hospitality. Since then there has been increasing interest in Buddhist philosophy and practice and a growing awareness of Ringu Tulku's accessible yet profound teaching, so the Bodhicharya family has grown locally across the UK and now internationally . Find out more about our Bodhicharya Family.


We are a group of students who aim to provide a safe place and mutual support for investigating the Buddhist teachings, primarily but not exclusively, Tibetan Buddhism. We aim to encourange in ourselves and others the practice of meditation. Our group comes under the guidance of our Lama, Ringu Tulku Rinpoche, who visits us each year in the Spring or Summer.


We meet every Thursday evening at Hamblin Hall, Bosham House, Bosham on the West Sussex, Hampshire boarder. We welcome all to share with us this beautiful space if you wish to learn about question, reflect and debate the Buddhist teachings and meditation.


• provide a safe space for Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike which is conducive to meditation, where we can discuss, learn, reflect, experience, question and debate Buddhist teachings.

inform and support, not recruit or convert. There is no compulsary 
membership or sign up. This is an inward journey and you decide how far you go.

• offer weekly meetings to keep the group alive, structured, engaging and useful to both new and
established practitioners.

• host annual teaching events and public talks from Ringu Tulku Rinpoche. Request topics from him that are engaging and relevant for both established and new practitioners.

• host teachings from other visiting teachers. Request topics from them that are engaging and relevant for both established and new practitioners.
record and share audio teachings from all our teachers.

maintain BBG as a self-funding group through donations only ensuring all who want to come can afford to.


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