Currently we are running Zoom meetings on every 2nd, 4th and 5th Thursday of the month.  


Bodhicharya Buddhist Group Bosham always aims to provide a safe space for Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike to meditate, discuss, learn, reflect, experience, question and debate Buddhist teachings. We wanted to continue to do this during the current pandemic, as well as find ways to stay connected, relax and laugh. So we have decided to run zoom meetings, and open them up to all who are interested - FREE OF CHARGE!

During this pandemic it is very important that we have, or look to develop, healthy coping strategies. If eating your own body weight in cake is no longer working and you want to discover new ways to relax, then come meditate with us online. Maybe you're interested in exploring some new and useful perspectives  - then come explore some Buddhist approaches to life in a relaxed and informal context. 

You don't need a zoom account. You don't need to live in our area or have ever attended anything like this before. You just need access to the internet, a web cam and a little bravery to do something new. If you're interested to join our zoom meetings, please just email Pema and she will forward to you an invite. 

Zoom Meeting Format

Join in only with what you are comfortable with! Our usual code of conduct applies, read here ...

7.30pm - 8pm

Login and chat. This is just time for members to catch up, but feel free to join in during this time and introduce yourself. Don't forget your cuppa.


Open up meeting with a small Buddhist chant/prayer. 
(The video delay makes this a truly memorable experience - we sometimes mute everyone if there are many in attendance) 

Guided Meditation (between 10 - 25 mins)

Listen and discuss a teaching/video. 

9pm  (leave when you need to)

Close with another small chant and dedication.



For your own relaxation and reassurance we respectfully ask those present to observe this code of conduct.


  • Individual opinions
    and questions are welcomed but must be expressed and listened to respectfully during the meetings.


  • Any personal disclosures during a meeting will be kept private within that meeting.

  • Any personal attacks
    or discrimination based on age, sexual orientation, gender, disability, race, ethnicity, religion will not be tolerated.


  • Any behaviour deemed to be unwarranted, unnecessary, unsolicited or inappropriate for this particular setting will not be tolerated.

  • The steering group reserves the right to ask anyone who is not respecting our aims and objectives to leave the group

Zoom Meeting Schedule

Currently we are running Zoom meetings on every 2nd, 4th and 5th Thursday of the month.  

Zoom meetings start at 7.30pm.  London Time

These virtual meetings will be running all the while we are unable to attend in numbers at our usual Thursday weekly meetings at Bosham. 

A Few Words of Encouragement From Our Teacher - Ringu Tulku Rinpoche